Why You Should Work with Us to Find Your Next Career

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Why You Should Work with Us to Find Your Next Career
You don't need a telescope to find a better job... it's closer than you think!

Why contact us?

  1. There is no downside. You pay nothing, and if we can't find an opening for you, the amount of your time required is minimal.

  2. You are much more likely to get a raise or promotion by changing companies than being promoted internally.

  3. Most people find jobs through people they know. By tapping into our network, we can potentially find opportunities that you never knew existed.

  4. Finally, it's important to know your market value.

    • What if there are layoffs?
    • What if your manager is replaced?
    • What if you don't get that promotion that you feel you earned?
    • What if your project is cancelled?
    • What if your company's investors pull a term sheet or other financing falls through?
    • What if you lose a key contract, or a customer has liquidity problems and doesn't pay their bill? Does your company have enough cash flow to survive?

We've been through multiple severe recessions and worked for companies that went bankrupt months after appearing as success stories on the covers of magazines. These things can happen with little warning.

It's not a matter of "if", but "when."

The best jobs are never advertised

We provide warm introductions, based on real relationships, to fill an immediate need, sometimes before the vacancy hits the market. We have an extremely high rate of getting interviews for our Candidates once we have introduced them to a prospective employer.

In contrast, simply launching resumes into the void or massive job boards rarely works unless you have the perfect set of keywords, possibly the right university, and a good dose of luck. The more likely result is that you get a healthy dose of spam and fraud in your inbox! We've made this mistake ourselves in the past, and as a result some email addresses are still almost unusable more than a decade later.

Also, did you know that sometimes advertised jobs aren't actually "real"? There are a dozen reasons for this, ranging from the borderline malicious ("resume harvesting") to the clearly disorganized (lack of internal agreement on who to hire) to the questionably ethical ("representative resumes" for major bids.)

Why we are different

We have decades of real-world experience actually doing the work. Whether you're a scientist/engineer or former government/military, it's just so much better to work with a team that knows what you're talking about. We aren't experts in every field, but our technical fluency is higher than you will find elsewhere.

Domestically and internationally, we've led and built teams, developed and deployed technologies, and—yes—assessed people and skill sets. We've designed supercomputers as well as climbed up onto radio telescopes and down into supercolliders. We've worked overseas in environments that were incredibly elegant and downright hostile.

Need more information?

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

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