Yes, Good Companies are Still Hiring + Our September 2022 Jobs!

Despite economic concerns, our clients are still hiring across the board--often aggressively so for people with the right skill sets.

Yes, Good Companies are Still Hiring + Our September 2022 Jobs!
Yes, good companies are still hiring!

Despite economic concerns, our clients are still hiring across the board--often aggressively so for people with the right skill sets. A big advantage in working with Task Force Talent is that our clients are serious and want to fill real roles as soon as possible--otherwise they would not sign our contract!

We've seen a handful of planned, brief pauses as a result of commercial companies making acquisitions or closing venture financing rounds. However, even in those few cases we are still looking for good candidates that are ready to go when those transactions are complete.

The government contracting sector remains very tight for specific skills and experience; this should not change, even if the U.S. enters a recession.

One difference we have seen is that demand has shifted to more experienced engineers, ideally with 5+ years of experience. There are a few exceptions for people who have really unique skills, but that's the primary level of experience we are seeking for the next 2-3 months. If you don't have it, we'll still keep your resume close at hand if we see potential in the near future.

Right now we have the most openings in the Washington, D.C., area (including Virginia/Maryland) as well as some in Salt Lake City, the Bay Area, Chicago, and (soon) New York and Boston. We also have a few remote roles.

A word of caution: 95% of candidates start by asking for a fully remote role, but few companies do it really well, and many will quietly say they prefer to have someone near the office. Our strong suggestion is to talk to us even if you are convinced you only want remote roles -- we've had a number of people who changed their minds for specific interesting opportunities.

Some tips:

  • Please include your name in the document name for your resume, e.g. JohnSmith-resume.txt and not just resume.txt.
  • Check your spam folder We've had great candidates that just went silent even when we replied within a few hours of their application!
  • If you are graduating in 2023, please do NOT apply yet. We are too far from the spring, and the economy is too uncertain, for companies to have solid hiring plans for recent graduates.
  • Unfortunately, we can't give individual feedback at the moment because we have too many candidates. If we don't see any potential near term fit, we'll send a rejection email because we don't want to get hopes up if there's no realistic chance we can help someone in a reasonable time frame. Almost always this is because the candidate does not meet our criteria (e.g. not in the US) or does not have enough experience to be competitive. This makes us sad.
  • If you don't hear from us, then we don't have an immediate fit but WILL continue looking.
  • At the present time, we are only recruiting U.S. Citizens or U.S. Permanent Residents (Green Card holders.) There were a couple of companies that originally said they were willing to sponsor visas; however, this turned out to be a very case by case basis and more difficult that we were led to expect. We do NOT want to waste candidates' time or set anyone up for disappointment, so for the moment, please do not apply if you are overseas or do not have a U.S. visa.

Current Openings

As of September 2022, our clients range from Fortune 20 to mid-size companies to Seed/Series A/Series B startups. Most of them are in technology focused sectors, like cybersecurity or AI, but a few are in more broad categories that need specific expertise, like the energy sector.

We also have a number of government contractor clients working on all sorts of interesting things. Between them, we have hundreds of these jobs in the DC area. Most require full time work in an office; a handful are hybrid. Please note that nearly all of these require U.S. citizenship and USG security clearances (not a public trust clearance.) Unfortunately, none of these clients can sponsor a clearance at the present time -- you have to already have it.

Here's a good rule of thumb to see if you are really competitive for the contractor jobs: you have prior contracting/government/military experience, you would never accept random contacts on LinkedIn, and you really don't want to put any details of your work on your resume and send it to people you don't know, INCLUDING us. If that's you, then you can also just send a brief note asking for a follow up call. We are skilled at reading between the lines in these cases.


Full Stack Software Engineers/Data Scientists – Minimum three, ideally five plus years of experience. In the best case, you have actually delivered one or more products. Commercial companies of all sizes (no clearance required) and a half dozen government contractors. DC, New York, Bay Area, Boston, Salt Lake, Chicago, some remote.

IT "IT support" jobs now generally include Dev Ops. Many opportunities with clearances though not always required. Primarily D.C.

Hardware/IoT – We are looking for systems engineers that have a track record of delivering products and can integrate a wide range of technologies. One company. DC/Bay Area.

RF Engineers – Specifically those with experience with HF transmitters and receivers (designing, not operating.) One company. DC.

Mechanical engineers/materials science/physics/electrical engineers – We have some very specific requirements to support a quantum computing company, including fabrication of devices and FEA modeling for E&M. One company. Chicago.

Technical Co-Founders – We sometimes get requests for technical co-founders, usually with software skills, usually at very early-stage companies. Various locations.


VP Product – Prior experience required in similar role. One company. DC/Salt Lake/Chicago, hybrid.

Business Development/Sales (Government/Enterprise) – Active security clearance a plus but not required in all cases. Likely three companies by October 2022. Primarily D.C., possibly Chicago, Salt Lake, Boston, New York, Santa Barbara, remote.

Advisors/Senior Executives. We have a few clients building boards (directors or advisors) and looking for people with significant experience, expertise, or connections, especially selling to USG/DoD. Various companies/locations.

September Bonus Referral Code

Please use referral code 3000Fall22 to get a $3000 bonus for referrals before November 30, 2022.  (Total referral bonus is $3,000, not on top of our normal rates.) You can submit a referral via our website here. Please read our terms and conditions for referral bonuses.

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